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The Block’Out boulder gym & restaurant concept lands in New Zealand!

The adventure abroad begins in Auckland, at the heart of the North Island, and is on course to see the light of day in 2016.

To stay true to the French Block’Out style, Block'Out Auckland will offer a diverse, endlessly transformable and all around fantastic climbing area! As well as a French bistro restaurant where prime gastronomy and a cool team are the main ingredients!

We won’t forget to bring the essential extras with us: technical & physical training areas, cardio machines, weights, slack-line, gear shop and the upmost relaxing Sauna. Moreover we’ll keep innovating with always more events, alternative training sessions, yoga classes and more surprises to come!

We can’t wait to share some amazing bouldering sessions with you guys, accompanied by a proper victory craft brew, some French and local wine, or a good coffee around a fine table!

Rest assured we’re giving you a rendez-vous with fun and beautiful climbing for everyone in the coolest environment!

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