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Block'Out is not only about climbing and good food. We provide a range of other services that offer a variety of different pleasures.


Modern weights machines are available to start, finish or vary your climbing sessions.

For workout enthusiasts and for those who want to be in shape for the summer, weight training offers an ideal complement to bouldering.

Access to the weights area is included in the price of your entrance ticket or season ticket for the climbing facility.

4D Beam

You can also benefit from a training beam that was specially-designed by the coach of the French national bouldering team, Matthieu Dutray.

The 4D beam allows you to move in all 4 dimensions and offers a serious workout.

Beginners, have no fear, this device will allow you to improve even faster.

Don't hesitate to ask our staff for advice.

Osteopathy at Block'Out Cergy

What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a hands-on therapy that rebalances the body and improves general health by identifying and treating restrictions to movement that can affect the joints, ligaments, muscles and the internal organs.

When should you consult?

Osteopathy can be considered as both a curative and a preventive therapy. For prevention, it is preferable not to wait until pain can be felt (or for pain to return) before consulting. Osteopaths are primary healthcare practitioners, so referral by a GP is not necessary.

Your osteopath: Marc-Antoine Duvivier

- Marc has a DO diploma from the European College of Osteopathy, a private higher-education establishment approved by the French Ministry of Health. He received 5,900 hours of training over a 5-year period, 4 of which included the study of the fundamental, human and medical sciences.

- In the interests of ensuring quality and safety, he may refuse treatment in the event of certain medical conditions, while offering advice and trying to refer those patients to the appropriate specialists.- Afin de garantir une prise en charge de qualité et de privilégier la sécurité du patient, il peut exclure d’une consultation les patients présentant des problématiques d’ordre médical tout en les conseillant et les redirigent vers des spécialistes.

Osteopathy can improve your performance

Osteopathy has the ability to improve muscle performance, joint flexibility and respiratory capacity. It can also improve concentration during exams and other intellectual challenges as well as enable optimum recovery after physical exercise.

Osteopathy is concerned with all of the body’s major systems:

– The orthopaedic and locomotive system and the after-effects of injury: sprains, tendonitis, back, neck and shoulder pain/injuries, painful joints, scoliosis, groin and coccyx pain/injuries, fractures, falls and other accidents…
– The neurological system: various kinds of nerve pain: in the arms, cervico-brachial, intercostal, facial, Arnold’s neuralgia, cruralgia, sciatica…
– The cardio-vascular system: poor circulation in the lower limbs, venous congestion, haemorrhoids, palpitations, oppressions…
– The digestive system: bloating, hiatal hernia, flatulence, hepatobiliary disorders, colitis, constipation, organ ptosis, indigestion, gastritis, gastric acidity…
–Ear, nose, throat and pulmonary system: rhinitis, sinusitis, vertigo, tinnitus, bronchitis, asthma, bronchiolitis…
– The neuro-vegetative system: headaches, migraines, depression, anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, spasmophilia…
A session lasts around 45 minutes and costs €60 for non-members and €50 for Block’Out members. Payment by cheque or cash only.

Contact: 06 95 00 25 72

Although osteopathy is not covered by the French social security system, a growing number of health insurance schemes do cover treatment with an osteopath. Don’t forget to ask for a receipt after your session so you can send it to your health insurance provider.

Our Sauna

To recover faster between sessions, reduce the risk of injury, or just to relax!

Our sauna is a genuine Finnish solid wood sauna, fitted with a chromotherapy system. We also provide essential oils that you can pour onto the hot stones for an even more enjoyable experience.


Access to the sauna and steam room is included in your climbing entrance ticket.

If you only want to use the sauna & steam room at Block'Out Cergy-Pontoise:

€200 for an annual subscription to the sauna (also valid in Block'Out Paris and Evry)

Our Steam Room

A steam room is one of the best ways to give your body a treat. It opens up the pores of the skin, eliminates dirt and bacteria, clears the sinuses and nasal passages, soothes muscular pain and eases breathing.

After a climbing session, or just to wind down after a day's work, the enveloping warmth of the steam room will relax you.


Access to the sauna and steam room is included in your climbing entrance ticket.

If you only want to use the sauna & steam room at Block'Out Cergy-Pontoise:

€200 for an annual subscription to the sauna (also valid in Block'Out Paris and Evry)

Outdoor slackline

We set up an outdoor slackline when the weather is fine so that you can work on the balance, core strength and foot placements that are so important in climbing. Or just so you can enjoy slacklining in its own right.

Slacklining is the art of balancing on a length of thin webbing stretched between two anchors. Give it a try!

Access to the slackline is included in your subscription, as is the sauna, so enjoy.

Slackline enthusiasts can kit themselves out in the Block'Out Shop, our climbing and outdoor store located inside Block'Out3.

We have different models for all types of use.

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