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Other spaces

Block'Out is not only about climbing and good food. We provide a range of other services that offer a variety of different pleasures.


Modern weights machines are available to start, finish or vary your climbing sessions.

For workout enthusiasts and for those who want to be in shape for the summer, weight training offers an ideal complement to bouldering.

Access to the weights area is included in the price of your entrance ticket or season ticket for the climbing facility.

Devices you might have seen in other Block'Out facilities:

The horizontal beam

This comprehensive tool set up by our state-approved instructor Jérémy Lemau allows you to work core strength, arms and coordination.

Le Pan-Gullich

The campus board was invented by legendary German climber Wolfgang Gullich as a way to train for his route Action Directe in 1991, then considered to be the world’s first 9a route and now a classic at that level.
Used properly, the campus board can develop strength and explosive power. So no need to build one in your garage or above your bed, you can come and work out on Block'Out's version. Use in moderation if you don't want to hear your fingers, elbows and shoulders screaming!


Open workshops to work specific types of movement, like dynos or no-foot climbing, or anything else that might come in to the heads of our route setters.

The Happy Block

It isn't a tunnel, but it’s not far off: It's so long that even multi-pitch enthusiasts will enjoy it. And even the easiest problems will put a smile on your face ;-)

Our Sauna

To recover faster between sessions, reduce the risk of injury, or just to relax!

Our sauna is a genuine Finnish solid wood sauna, fitted with a chromotherapy system. We also provide essential oils that you can pour onto the hot stones for an even more enjoyable experience.


Access to the sauna and steam room is included in your climbing entrance ticket.

If you only want to use the sauna & steam room at Block'Out Evry-Lisses :

€200 for an annual subscription to the sauna (also valid in Block'Out Paris and Cergy)

Outdoor slackline

Like in some other Block'Out gyms, we set up an outdoor slackline when the weather is fine so that you can work on the balance, core strength and foot placements that are so important in climbing. Or just so you can enjoy slacklining in its own right.

For those who don't know, slacklining is the art of balancing on a length of thin webbing stretched between two anchors. Give it a try!

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